How to remove Joomla version from the admin footer in Joomla 2.5

First Method

1. browse to directory \administrator\templates\bluestork\html and create a new directory mod_version

2.Go to directory \administrator\modules\mod_version\tmpl and copy the file default.php to the directory \administrator\templates\bluestork\html\mod_version

3. Browse to the file default.php from \administrator\templates\bluestork\html\mod_version and change the below code:

if (!empty($version)) :
echo ‘<p align=”center”>’ . $version . ‘</p>’;

Comment/Delete second line.

Second Method

1. First of all go to module manager. Like as following image.

Remove Joomla version

2. Now select module by Administrator (default modules are listed for frontend “site”). Like as following image.

Remove joomla version

3.  Now select module position footer and then you will find a module for joomla version number.

Remove joomla version

4.  Now disable the module.

Remove joomla version

5.  Now you will see, there is no version number on the footer. Like as following image.

Vineet Kumar Saini

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